Final Thoughts

My Costco auto center experience wasn’t bad; it’s just that with a few extra tweaks, like sending a detailed appointment email and improving the appointment website, Costco could turn an okay service into an excellent one.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are four tires at Costco?

That depends entirely on what tires you need. Generally, you’ll spend between $500 and $1,000, including the cost of installation.

Does Costco fix flat tires?

Provided you purchased your tires at Costco and have followed the terms of the warranty (rotating your tires, for example), then the Tire Center will fix flats for free during the first five years.

Does Costco offer tire alignment?

No, Costco doesn’t align tires, though they may tell you if it looks like they need to be realigned. (This happened to me).

What perks does Costco’s Tire Center offer?

Costco tire perks include free tire rotations, tire balancing, flat repairs, and inflation checks for the life of the tires. Warehouses also have nitrogen tire inflation stations. Tires inflated with nitrogen retain tire pressure for longer than air from a conventional inflation station.

How do you buy tires at Costco?

Go to the wholesaler’s Tire Center website, enter information about your car, and select the tires you want. After purchasing the tires, you can make an appointment for installation on a separate website.

What’s included in Costco’s five-year road hazard warranty?

As long as you keep up with the tires’ recommended maintenance, all Costco tires come with a hazard warranty, which includes repairs and replacements for “tires damaged during standard legal vehicle operation.” For more information,”>read the policy.

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