It’s probably not a service that drivers should take this hotel up on, but for anyone visiting New Liskeard looking for an authentic northern parking experience, the Quality Inn has you covered.

After having an RV stuck in a large snowbank last winter, hotel co-owner Sean Mackey told CTV it was time to expand.

“This year, instead of going longer, we went a little wider,” said Mackey.

“We’ve got our new valet parking service at the Quality Inn. Of course, it’s use at your own risk.”

This isn’t a real service, of course, but a step up from the hotel’s wildly successful stunt depicting a scene from the film ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.’

It received international attention and made the sight of a vehicle in a large snowbank synonymous with Temiskaming Shores.

Hotel staff immediately had an idea for a sequel, Mackey said, that would continue its now three-year tradition of spreading smiles and bringing attention to the city.

This display made use of two old hotel vehicles and two more loaned from a local scrap yard. It’s created a head-turning sight Mackey hopes will bring people joy.

“It’s going to brighten your day,” Mackey said.

“You don’t get to see vehicles jammed in a snowbank every day.”

The hotel is holding out on planning for next year, he said, comparing it to Hollywood film franchises churning out uninspired sequels to capitalize on the attention.

Meantime, he said the community looks forward to guessing when the vehicles will finally come down to ground level, as the snow slowly melts.

“We’ll enjoy this one, for this year, and we’ll see if something creative comes to mind.” 

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