These are the age categories we use when you make a booking with us:

  • Infants: 0 – 23 months
  • Children: 2 – 11 years
  • Young adults: 12 – 15 years
  • Adults: over 16 years
  • We offer some flight discounts for infants and children, however they vary so check your price quote for full details.


    You can book a ticket for your infant (under 2) to travel sitting on your lap or in their own seat and the ticket price will vary accordingly.

    You can’t book a ticket just for an infant on, you will need to contact us.

    Once your infant turns 2 years old, they’ll be considered a child and will need to travel in their own seat. You’ll need to book them as a ‘Child’ and pay the child fare.


    All children under 14 years must travel accompanied by an adult aged 16 years or over. Anyone under the age of 14 won’t be allowed to fly unaccompanied.

    Young adults

    All young flyers aged 14 or 15 and travelling alone must carry both:

    • a completed parental/guardian Young Flyer Travelling Alone  
    • a copy of the parent or guardian’s passport or identity document

    The young flyer must present both of these at the airport before their British Airways flights, otherwise they may be refused travel.

    To make a booking for a young flyer aged 14 or 15 who is travelling on their own, you will need to call us. If the young flyer is booked as an adult, they will not be allowed to fly without the consent form and a copy of the parental/guardian identity document, as they are considered under the age to fly on British Airways without this consent.

    Our partner airlines may have different regulations, age limits and charges so please check with them directly.

    Booking with partner airlines

    If your journey involves travelling with one of our partner airlines, their rules for infants and children will apply, which may be different. Please check the airline’s website or call your local British Airways office for the correct information.

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