Love is in the air this winter and there are lots of things for new lovebirds to see and do in Vancouver.

But it can be stressful trying to figure out where to go for a first date, especially if you’re just getting to know someone.

We’re here to help you out with a list of fun places around the city you can take your new special someone this winter to ensure you both have a fun time.

Whether you’re geeky, outdoorsy, or a foodie, this list will help ensure that there will be a second date (or at least that you had fun on the first one)!

Explore a museum together

H.R. MacMillan Space Centre

H.R. MacMillan Space Centre/Facebook

There are a bunch of awesome museums to check out in and around Vancouver. From space to anthropology to grisly murder cases, there’s practically a museum for all interests.

Make your best moon puns while discovering H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, or get nautical at the Vancouver Maritime Museum. You can even get really deep at the Britannia Mine Museum.

Try your hand at pairs skating

Robson Square Ice Rink

Robson Square Ice Rink (Daniel Chai/Daily Hive)

There are few things more romantic than ice skating hand in hand. That’s why we love that Metro Vancouver has two free outdoor ice rinks to bring a first date: the Robson Square Ice Rink and Skate Plaza at The Shipyards.

The Downtown Vancouver and North Vancouver rinks are free if you bring your own skates, and pairs can also be rented on-site. Just make sure to grab some hot chocolate afterwards to warm yourselves up.

Level up your love in an arcade

Capital City Arcade

Capital City Arcade/Facebook

Metro Vancouver is home to a bunch of great arcades that you and your date will love spending hours in. There is The Rec Room Burnaby which also serves tasty food and drinks in the Three10 Bar and The Den. You can also check out Capital City Arcade with dozens of retro cabinets. And Castle Fun Park even has mini-golf and batting cages.

Dig into a foodie hidden gem around the city

Daryn Wright/Daily Hive

They say that a way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. So why not treat yourself and your date to a unique and delicious meal for your first date?

Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Sushi on a train or Indian street snacks. Whatever your stomach (and heart) desires, there’s sure to be a hidden gem that will satisfy your hunger. Bon appétitt!

Connect with nature at Capilano Suspension Bridge

Capilano Suspension Bridge/Vancouver’s North Shore

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is a wonderful place to bring nature lovers on a date. Open year-round for locals and visitors to enjoy, the park is full of natural beauty, rich history and fun activities.

And what better backdrop for your first selfie together than on the iconic suspension bridge 230 feet (70 metres) above the roaring Capilano River?

Find your purr-fect match at a cat cafe

Catoro Cafe

Daniel Chai/Daily Hive

If you’re feeling cuddly this winter, then you need to bring your new match to one of Vancouver’s wonderful cafes that will let you snuggle with adorable animals while sipping a delicious drink.

Beaus can book a time to visit Catoro on East Broadway or Catfe in the International Village Mall. And if kitty’s aren’t quite your thing, then you should hop on down to the Bunny Cafe in East Van.

Hit the slopes in a snow tube

Cypress Mountain

Cypress Mountain/Facebook

If the saying, “Cold hands, warm hearts” is true, then you’re sure to make a great connection when you bring a date to slide to a nearby tube park.

All of the local mountains have tube or sliding parks to give you a taste of life in the fast lane. So bundle up for a romantic trip down the snow-packed lane.

Rev up the romance with go-karts

Speeders Vancouver

Speeders Vancouver/Facebook

Looking to get the pulse pounding on a first date? Strap yourselves in for a trip to the Go-Karts.

Richmond is home to two indoor kart racing tracks – TBC Indoor Racing and Speeders Vancouver – with many types of racing to choose from. Sometimes love may be about the thrill of the chase, but you better strap in for this one!

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