As you work on summer travel plans, a key decision will be where to stay. Finding a hotel with a great loyalty program may weigh heavily in your decision.

Hotel loyalty programs can help you reduce travel costs, which is important given that most of us are considering how to deal with inflation right now.

Following are seven reasons to join a hotel loyalty program, and some things to consider that will help you find the best choice for you.

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1. Loyalty programs are free

You may feel that a loyalty program is just another thing you have to pay for with little or no reward. But most loyalty programs are actually free.

So, depending on how often you stay at a certain hotel or hotel chain, it may be a simple sign-up that can lead to big rewards.

2. You can access special members-only rates

Instead of using travel sites that compare different hotel rooms, you might better save money at hotels by booking directly with the hotel chain using your loyalty rewards account.

Being a member can get you surprisingly great rates in many cases.

3. Upgraded breakfast might be available

Instead of just a boring breakfast with some bagels and dry cereal, your loyalty program membership might allow you access to an upgraded morning meal.

This can include eggs, bacon, and other delicious breakfast treats that might not be available to customers who haven’t signed up for the program.

4. You can tap into other discounts

When you check in for your stay, find out if the hotel’s loyalty program entitles you to additional perks.

Does the hotel property you’re staying at include a spa? Or perhaps it has a pool with

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