Costco ground beef comes from its Kirkland brand and customers should go to the butcher to ensure the biggest savings.

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Ground beef is a staple in most households. It can be used to make various dishes, from hamburgers to pasta dishes and many things in between. Costco ground beef offers exceptional quality, all for a great price. Easily keep the freezer stocked with pre-made burger patties and premium wagyu ground beef to meet any cooking needs.

Shopping at Costco requires a membership. The store is essentially an exclusive savings club. Things are sold in bulk and marked up just a fraction of the price that the store purchases them for. Shoppers can find just about anything when strolling the aisles at the wholesaler. Costco has its own store brand of most items, including Costco ground beef. The store brand is Kirkland Signature, and customers can expect quality and value on any item they purchase that is stamped with the name.

If you are looking to prepare for a large party or just fill up the deep freezer, Costco ground beef is definitely something to consider. Costco ground beef primarily comes from sources in the United States and a few out-of-country sources.

The company does have its own facility that processes meat, plus many suppliers throughout the San Joaquin Valley area of California are used as well. Whether the beef comes from the United States or an out-of-country supplier, Costco ensures specific standards are met to produce the highest quality meat possible.


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You can rest assured that Costco ground beef comes from animals that have been treated humanely, surpassed

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