Emmerdale spoilers follow.

With her illness and tentative positive steps at reconciling with Cain, it has been a full-on few months for Faith Dingle in Emmerdale – and next week she may have the police to deal with too!

Faith ropes Nate into taking a trip with her but remains very coy on where it is that they are actually going – which understandably sets alarm bells off for him.

They eventually arrive at a house he does not recognise, as Faith finally reveals what they are up to: she wants to get inside to retrieve something that she insists belongs to her.

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Revealing that they are at her stepdaughter Eileen’s home, she puts her plan into action but runs into trouble with Eileen’s partner Angus.

He twigs who Faith is and is adamant that she must leave and never show her face there again. Viewers will know that Faith can be determined when she sets her mind to something, and she tells Nate that she has not given up on getting inside just yet.

Faith tells Nate that she wants to try again, but he tells her that he will not be a part of it and that she should give up on the idea altogether.

But Nate soon learns that she has no intention of listening to him and she almost immediately heads back there – stealing his car in the process.

faith dingle, emmerdale


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Returning to Eileen’s home in disguise claiming to be a photographer for a real estate agent, she blags her way inside and finds what it is she is after.


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