As we’ve stated before, Costco is arguably the single best one-stop-shop for bulk groceries and that convenience is especially welcome during the holiday season. Costco has no limitations when it comes to the sheer breadth of its products, and when it comes to beverages, they truly run the gamut. From coffees and teas to sodas and plant-based milks, Costco has you fully covered when it comes to your drink needs, for both the holiday season and beyond. 

Here, we’ve outlined some of our favorite options (and deals). You really can’t go wrong with these items, which  appeal to any and all dietary restrictions, preferences or tastes. Bonus? They all taste terrific — and they’re all fantastic deals, too. 

Have these on hand this holiday season and your guests (and you) are sure to be very pleased with the selection of beverages in the house. 

This list adds to Salon Food’s growing library of supermarket guides. If you’re in the market for particularly festive snacks, check out this list of Aldi’s best holiday offerings.

No matter if you’re purposely eschewing dairy milk or if you’re just in the mood to test out this nondairy milk as it soars in popularity, this super affordable pack of six (!) cartons of oat milk is a great deal. The Costco website notes that it’s “kosher, non GMO, USDA Organic and 100% vegan” and that it’s “made with super tasty rolled oats.”


You can sip on this as you would a regular dairy milk, add it to your cereal or coffee or even bake with it.


DEAL: $13.99 for a 6-count of 32-ounce cartons.

Featuring sparkling apple, sparkling mango, sparkling blackberry and sparkling clementine as noted by, this variety pack, well, packs a wallop of flavor in an effervescent sparkling juice
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