Costco has a reputation for offering great deals on grocery staples. Even amid skyrocketing food costs over the past year, the warehouse club has tried to hold its prices steady, at least on some items, in order to keep its members content.

“In our view, people do notice those price differences,” Costco’s Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti said during an investor call last month.

He’s right. People are noticing. Complaints about rising prices at Costco have piled up in a recent Reddit thread, with several shoppers suggesting that they’re now turning to more traditional supermarkets in search of better bargains on certain staples.

We took note of the complaints, checked the prices at our local Costco and compared those to nearby NYC-area stores for perspective. Here are six items that customers are not at all happy about paying more to purchase at Costco.

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Kirkland Signature flavored sparkling water

Thirsty Redditors are less than thrilled about the current prices for soft drinks at the warehouse. “Nearly $17 at Costco for 36 pack of Coke,” one wrote, adding that an ever bigger bulk buy at Kroger often costs less: 48 cans for $14. “Local grocers usually run sales that beat it, not to mention more variety,” agreed another. The same goes for sparkling water. “We’ve completely stopped buying it and just drink still water from our reverse osmosis filter,” noted one commenter, who listed a bunch of recent price spikes, including the in-house Kirkland brand jumping from $6 to $10 for 32 cans, while brand-name La Croix doubled from $5 to $10 for 24 cans. Costco’s prices are still cheaper than what we found at Walmart in Bayonne, N.J., which charged $31.35 for a 35-pack of Coca-Cola and $11.99 for 24

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