As the travel industry attempts to reduce its environmental impact, sustainable cruise travel has become a priority for cruise companies. An April 2022 survey by The Vacationer found 78.28% of travelers would pay more for an environmentally friendly travel experience. Consumers already have tools to search for flights with the lowest carbon footprint. Governments are banning short haul air travel in favor of high-speed rail transportation.

The Robotron mechanical arm swings four passengers on a music-fueled thrill ride on top deck of MSC Seascape.
The Robotron mechanical arm tosses four passengers on a music-fueled thrill ride on Deck 18 of MSC Seascape. Note there is no Deck 17 because Italians consider 17 an unlucky number.

“I know that younger cruise travelers and potential ones are more interested/concerned about how cruise lines are helping our world, the planet,” Bill Miller, a maritime historian and author known as Mr. Ocean Liner, adds. In the year ahead, expect travel companies to attract new cruisers and save money by promoting sustainable cruise travel.

What is Sustainable Cruise Travel?

Expert Dr. Rachel Dodds recently published a guidebook on how families can make their own travels more sustainable. Sustainable cruise travel requires increasing energy efficiency, reducing emissions and improving ships’ wastewater treatment facilities.

It takes millions of dollars and years to design and build a cruise ship. Therefore, the structural changes required for sustainable cruising come slowly.

That’s why travelers are just beginning to experience the technologies which major cruise lines employ to promote sustainable cruise travel.

Carnival Pioneers LNG for Sustainable Cruise Travel

Two men ride Bolt Coaster on deck of Carnival Mardi Gras ship while moored at Atlantis, Bahamas.
The BOLT coaster towers over the deck of the Carnival Mardi Gras. Photo by Mike Peck.

Twenty-four ships make Carnival’s fleet one of the largest and most affordable at sea. Over the company’s 50 years of operation, Carnival Cruise Lines has pioneered many technologies.

Several innovations are designed for families because Carnival carries more passengers under age 18 than any

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