Last month, Costco shoppers and employees alike were surprised to learn that Wireless Advocates LLC, the company responsible for selling cell phone services at the big-box wholesale retailer, had abruptly ceased operations.

This sudden shuttering of the cell phone kiosks at Costco left would-be buyers without a place to sign up for service plans and wondering if they would need to seek alternate options in the future. But the issue has now been resolved as a new mobile service provider strikes a partnership with chain.

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It has been revealed this week that the mobile communications company T-Mobile will now be the exclusive wireless provider in approximately 30% of all Costco locations, according to T-Mo Report. The wireless service provider will now have a presence at 178 Costco warehouses, offering both personal cell phone and internet plans.

At this time, T-Mobile will be offering “Ship-To” services, meaning that if you were to sign up for new phones and a new service plan, the phones will be shipped directly to your home and will not be available for in-store pickup.

Costco members will also have new added incentives to sign up for cell service through T-Mobile at their local warehouse. That is because T-Mobile will waive its regular $35 Device Connection Charge if customers sign up at Costco, in addition to a 90-day return window for all purchases (according to T-Mo Report, that is two months longer than regular purchases made at T-Mobile stores).

It is also reported by T-Mo Report that Costco Business members may soon be able to handle their accounts through T-Mobile kiosks as well, though the exact details are yet to be confirmed.

It remains to be seen what the permanent solution is for

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