A mother who escaped a hotel fire which claimed two lives said her 10-year-old son still suffers from anxiety and has trouble sleeping five years later.

Hannah Munns was staying at the Cameron House Hotel with her husband and then five-year-old when the fire broke out in December 2017.

They were in a room opposite Simon Midgley, 32, and his partner Richard Dyson, 38, from London, who died when flames tore through the five-star hotel on the banks of Loch Lomond.

A fatal accident inquiry (FAI) was held at Paisley Sheriff Court last year to establish if lessons could be learned from the incident.

In a determination published on Wednesday, Sheriff Thomas McCartney said there were “a number of defects in systems of working which contributed to the accident resulting in the deaths”, and he made a number of recommendations.

Mrs Munns said although she and her family managed to escape, the fire has had a major impact on her son.

She told the BBC: “It has been horrendous. What I am most emotional about is my son.

“He was five and is now 10 and he still doesn’t sleep. He won’t be away from us. He won’t stay away from us.

Cameron House Hotel fire

Simon Midgley, right, and Richard Dyson died in the fire (family handout/PA)

“He won’t do all the things that a normal 10-year-old would do because he has experienced that moment that you realise you are not going to live forever.

“He learnt at five years old that these things can go wrong and, as such, he has got really serious anxiety issues.

“It just breaks my heart that he has learnt so young that these things can go wrong.

“It impacts his life day in, day out.”

The fire started after hot ashes were placed in a concierge

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