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The author on the beach in San Pancho, Mexico.Lisa Marion Smith

  • While looking for a weekend getaway on Mexico’s Pacific coast, my first thought was Puerto Vallarta.

  • But I realized it wasn’t the intimate vibe I wanted. Friends suggested a small surf town: San Pancho

  • I loved the uncrowded beach, fresh fish, and sustainably-minded and locally-owned hotels and shops.

Craving a beach getaway, I wanted to plan a trip to Mexico that would be relatively cheap and easy to reach from my home in Los Angeles.

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The welcome sign at the beach in San Pancho.Lisa Marion Smith

When I found myself recently dreaming of a Mexican beach getaway, I initially thought Puerto Vallarta seemed like a good choice.

It was a straight-shot flight from my home in Los Angeles and — from what I learned watching “The Love Boat” during my formative years — it was perfect for American tourists.

But the more I researched Puerto Vallarta online, the more I realized I wanted something different. Sure, I’d be able to have my choice of palm tree-lined resorts loaded with amenities and strong Wi-Fi, but the more I looked at Puerto Vallarta’s big hotels online, the more I found myself longing for something a bit more unexpected. I realized I wanted a vacation that consisted of more than a mango margarita with a matching sunset view.

As much as I wanted the ease of a direct flight followed by little to no drive time, I started looking beyond Puerto Vallarta.

Mexican friends pointed me to San Pancho. A little over an hour north from Puerto Vallarta, they told me I’d love its unspoiled natural beauty, commitment to ecotourism, and beach that is a haven for surfers.

I took their advice and it was the best recent travel

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