From its stubbornly underpriced hot dog to its absurdly oversized bulk items, Costco is a wonderland of curiosities. Few people have capitalized on the store’s mysterious magnetism as creatively as stand-up comic Matt O’Brien.

When the Canadian-born comedian first started touring the United States, he struggled a bit to come up with relatable material, particularly topics that resonate with small-town audiences. “It is really different culturally from Canada,” notes O’Brien.

He soon stumbled upon a goldmine, located right around the corner from his new home in Los Angeles. All it cost him was an annual membership.

“I remember being on the road and talking about Costco because I just joined and I loved it–and the whole crowd was into it,” O’Brien says during a recent telephone interview.

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The warehouse club, which he likes to describe as “a big airplane hangar with no windows,” has since become his “greatest inspiration,” a source of constant material for both his stand-up act and social media musings, he says.

Audiences can’t get enough. “No matter what town you go to, you talk about Costco, people are obsessed with it,” he says. “Even in L.A., of all places, people are just religiously obsessed with this store.”

Now, the touring comic can’t seem to travel anywhere without checking out the local Costco, whether that’s back in his native Canada, where he swears the food court poutine lives up to the hype (“one of the best poutines you can get”), or Hawaii, where the outdoor food court is made up of food trucks (“that was cool to see,” he notes).

Earlier this month, he posted a new video on his social platforms, titled “Secret Costco Hack,” which notably pokes fun at

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