Karla Bailey, with her husband Matthew Bailey, holds up a chunk of ice during an Adventure Canada cruise from Nunavut to Greenland on one of the couple’s recent trips for their Must Do Canada online travel guide.Must Do Canada

People have the travel bug again, but this summer, getting to where you’re going – whether by air or road – can be anything but simple.

Some travellers are turning to the myriad accessories, gadgets and products available that can help make the journey smoother, safer and less frustrating.

”I am travelling differently now, as are many other travellers,” says Grimsby, Ont., resident Wendy Paradis. A sales, marketing and tourism expert for over two decades, even she’s felt a need to be better prepared for business and leisure trips.

For the past six years, Ms. Paradis has been president of the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA), representing some 24,000 agents. Since the pandemic’s start early in 2020, she has ventured to parts of the U.S., Canada and even the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao.

Ms. Paradis says that more than ever, you need to pack smarter, and that includes having the right trip cancellation, interruption and medical insurance. An overload of passengers and staff shortages at airports have contributed to long waits, dropped and delayed trips, lost luggage and other headache-inducing woes. For Ms. Paradis, her must-haves now include an Apple AirTag, which is a Bluetooth-enabled tracking device that works with her iPhone and allows her to locate her luggage quickly. A package of four sells for about $100. Another item is her smart knapsack that cost her about $130, and allows her to easily access her passport, vaccination and other travel papers, keeps her wallet safe, and “have all my tech tools readily available while maximizing my

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