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If you’re already a Costco card member, then you already know bulk toilet paper and trail mix aren’t the only things you can get at the wholesale retailer. Costco has it all—from health foods to puffer coats—and they even have La Mer. That’s right, Costco is pretty much a goldmine for prestige skin-care finds at a steep discount. While you may need a Costco membership to take advantage of all of the discounted buys (you can get one for only $60 a year), there are still loads of great skin-care deals to be scored, sans membership.

Have yourself a little scroll through Costco’s skin-care offerings, and you’ll find skin care products with derm-beloved ingredients like niacinamide and vitamin C, French pharmacy favorites, Korean beauty staples—all up to 50 percent off. You can even snag two products for the price of one in some cases, which is kind of like winning the skin-care lottery (and a great way to treat yourself while holiday shopping, if you ask me). So next time you want to do a little skin-care shopping and save some cash in the process, don’t sleep on Costco. We rounded up the best skin-care finds you can shop online right now.

10 major skin-care deals you can shop at Costco right now

boscia powdered exfoliator and a bottle of the refill product on a white background

Boscia, Probiotic Exfoliating Powder for Face & Scalp — $30.00

Originally $40, now $30 (with a refill)

Boscia’s water-activated powder uses an upcycled blend of charcoal and rice powders, along with salicylic acid to

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