Our family loves to travel; it’s one of the experiences we value most. But as a family of six, we often run into challenges that smaller families don’t face. And although the term large family can be interpreted in many ways, we define it as a family that doesn’t fit in a standard hotel room.

Finding ways to save for trips is certainly a challenge, but the challenges extend beyond finances. Despite the obstacles, our family has been fortunate enough to travel frequently, creating lasting memories and strengthening our bonds. Planning awesome trips for large families is possible, whether you’re staying local or venturing far.

Here’s a look at some challenges that many large families face when traveling, how we’ve solved them, and how to save on your next trip.

7 challenges of large family travel

1. Racking up enough credit card points

Paying for a family vacation using only points and miles is difficult for large families, but not impossible. We’ve been able to pay for most of our travel expenses (except for food) for several years using rewards points earned from credit cards. Keep in mind that points won’t pay for everything, though. Although we’ve put miles toward most of our flights, we still had to pay taxes and fees on each ticket.

The main expenses we try to cover with rewards points are flights, accommodations, and rental cars. If we can cover those expenses through points and miles, we’re OK with paying cash for everything else.

There’s no secret to using points for large family travel — it’s just simple math. The more people traveling, the more points and miles you need to save up. That doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to maximize your rewards. Here’s how

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