A woman whose family has become a symbol of Indigenous rights is speaking out after being kicked out of her hotel room late at night in downtown Winnipeg with nowhere to go.

Jerleen Anderson-Sullivan was in Winnipeg on Wednesday, Jan. 11 after escorting her father from Norway House while he was flown in for a medical emergency.

Her husband and two children drove more than 900 kilometres from Norway House to Winnipeg so they could be together while Anderson-Sullivan’s father was being treated at the Health Sciences Centre.

She said they booked a room at the Canad Inns hotel located next to the hospital.

“They were supposed to accommodate a room with two beds so that my children and my husband would be able to stay with me,” said. Anderson-Sullivan.

But because the hotel was fully booked, they had to settle for a single room, with Anderson-Sullivan’s 17-year-old son sleeping on the floor. Her 10-year-old daughter was forced to stay at a different hotel with her aunt.

Not an ideal situation, but Anderson-Sullivan and her husband were willing to accept the compromise. Things started to go wrong when they decided to bring their daughter back to the Canad Inns hotel room for a visit.

“As soon as we brought her up, a minute later the security guard shows up and tells us the hotel has a no visitor policy,” said Anderson-Sullivan.

She said they told security the visitors would leave, and they quickly did – going back to the hospital to visit Anderson-Sullivan’s father for a few hours.

When they returned to the Canad Inns hotel at the end of the night – without visitors – Anderson-Sullivan and her family found themselves evicted from their room.

“We went and

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