Figuring out how to split travel costs when vacationing with friends or family can be a tricky exercise. Case in point: I just came back from a girlfriends getaway where I quickly realized my friends had more money to spend on restaurants and ride-hailing services than I did. I didn’t want to be the killjoy who insisted on skipping fancy French food in favor of cooking pasta in our Airbnb, but I was definitely anxious about what my final travel bill would look like.

Not only can group trips create stress around how much the weekend or week will cost, but there can be many questions about who will actually pay for each meal, ride or accommodation and how others will pay them back. No one wants to overpay — even if they are getting rewards points on the purchase.

It doesn’t help that your desire to see family and friends, especially after being shut-ins during the coronavirus pandemic, may be at odds with skyrocketing food and travel costs that are outpacing your annual pay raise.

How do you agree on and split travel costs with family and friends so that everyone actually enjoys their getaway and comes home still on speaking terms? Here are seven tips for handling the finances on a group trip.

Discuss general trip costs before you book

Is this a $500-per-person trip or a $5,000-per-couple trip? To set yourselves up for success, take the pulse of the group to determine how much they can spend on this adventure.

It’s not an easy ask. “We know that topics about money are taboo in general,” says Sarah Foster, an analyst and economy reporter at Bankrate (a sister site of TPG). “A lot of the challenges that people face when committing to travel or going places with

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