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While in conversation with Pawan Sachdeva, we instantly recognise a dichotomy in his idea of travel. On the one hand, the 48-year-old fashion designer enjoys the sartorial drama that he witnesses on the streets of fashion capitals such as Milan and New York, but on the other hand he also wants to be cocooned in nature. What links these two ideas is his need to be in the lap of luxury. “I love to stay in the best resorts and hotels while travelling—and getting pampered. I enjoy luxury travel.”

In this interview with The Morning Standard, the Shanti Niketan resident gives us an understanding of how travel helps him rejuvenate, his favourite destinations, and more. Excerpts…

On the kind of traveller he is…
I love to travel to places where I can witness fashion on the streets—what people are wearing, how they are dressed up, etc. Honestly, that is what attracts me the most. Usually, when I travel in summers, I go to places where I know I will get to see a lot of fashion on the streets. I love to go to Italy, especially Milan. Then, there is Barcelona, Spain. Even London is one of my favourite places to visit (and go shopping in), and then there is New York [NY]. These are four destinations [Italy, NY, and London are fashion capitals] that I regularly travel to… mostly for awareness. 

Another aspect that I am particular about when I am travelling is about being close to nature. When I do not travel for work, I stick to places that are quiet, away from the hustle and bustle, with fewer people. Such places give me happiness. I like to be close to the sea, and travel where there are beaches. In Spain, I travel to Barcelona,

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