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28 UK Family Travel Bloggers to Follow

Helen and her kids at Blackpool pleasure beach

When I started this blog I had toddlers. It was all about the funny anecdotes all families will recognise as part of the joy of having a young family. Over the years, though life has grown no less amusing, we have added back in some of the more grown up pursuits we used to enjoy before we started a family; mostly that involves travel! Showing our kids the world – and more, watching how they enjoy the world – has been an immensely happy thing to write about, and I feel privileged to now be classed as a family travel blogger. Often I’m asked for recommendations of other family travel bloggers to read for inspiration, or to work with. So a group of us who often work together decided to put together this guide to some of the best UK family travel bloggers. I hope you will find some in this feature who are new to you, and enjoy exploring their adventures with children around the world.

Top UK Family Travel Bloggers

Daisy Huntington | Dais Like These Family Travel Blog


Dais Like These


Daisy is mum to three kids, wife to Mr Dais Like These and owner of a lovely greyhound. As well as leading a busy day to day family life, she loves nothing more than packing up and heading off on a new adventure – husband, kids and sometimes dog in tow! Daisy is passionate about promoting family travel and through Dais Like These Family Travel Blog she aims to inspire other families to try new destinations with their kids, by sharing the highs and lows and ins and outs of her own family adventures, both close to home and further afield. Expect travel diaries, travel tips and honest reviews.


Cerys Parker & Monika Roozen | Inspireroo

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Legit Ways to Make Large Family Travel Easier [And Save Money on Trips]

Our family loves to travel; it’s one of the experiences we value most. But as a family of six, we often run into challenges that smaller families don’t face. And although the term large family can be interpreted in many ways, we define it as a family that doesn’t fit in a standard hotel room.

Finding ways to save for trips is certainly a challenge, but the challenges extend beyond finances. Despite the obstacles, our family has been fortunate enough to travel frequently, creating lasting memories and strengthening our bonds. Planning awesome trips for large families is possible, whether you’re staying local or venturing far.

Here’s a look at some challenges that many large families face when traveling, how we’ve solved them, and how to save on your next trip.

7 challenges of large family travel

1. Racking up enough credit card points

Paying for a family vacation using only points and miles is difficult for large families, but not impossible. We’ve been able to pay for most of our travel expenses (except for food) for several years using rewards points earned from credit cards. Keep in mind that points won’t pay for everything, though. Although we’ve put miles toward most of our flights, we still had to pay taxes and fees on each ticket.

The main expenses we try to cover with rewards points are flights, accommodations, and rental cars. If we can cover those expenses through points and miles, we’re OK with paying cash for everything else.

There’s no secret to using points for large family travel — it’s just simple math. The more people traveling, the more points and miles you need to save up. That doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to maximize your rewards. Here’s how

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6 Family Travel Trends to Watch in 2017

As you gather with family for the winter holidays, it’s an ideal time to start to plan adventures for the coming year. The recent Family Travel Association Summit in Tucson, Arizona, discussed how parents, more than ever, are looking to bond together through travel. Nowadays, extended families are traveling together on multigenerational trips with grandchildren to celebrate milestones or explore ancestral history. And these trips are playing a valuable part of our children’s education. Here are six trends to look for in 2017, according to Family Travel Association experts.

The dominant story of 2016 was the U.S. presidential election. Now that the election is over, perhaps you and the kids are making plans to visit the nation’s capital for the Presidential Inauguration on January 20, 2017. Inauguration weekend will include the traditional parade, concerts and inaugural balls. And for those looking for an escape from inauguration weekend, Philadelphia offers plenty of places to celebrate America’s history. The new Museum of the American Revolution, which will display thousands of artifacts including many items owned or used by George Washington, will debut in spring 2017. A top highlight of the museum will be Washington’s Revolutionary War command center headquarters tent. A new guided trip from Adventures by Disney, the company’s group tour division, bundles Philadelphia and Washington, District of Columbia together, so families can see where the Declaration of Independence was signed before touring of the U.S. Capitol.

An Interest in Exploring America’s National Parks

Will Shafroth, president and CEO of the National Parks Foundation, recently called America’s national parks “our common ground.” Certainly, the National Park Service’s 2016 centennial celebration proved American’s love affair with our national parks is as strong as ever. At the Family Travel Association Summit, the National Park Service’s Estee Rivera Murdock says the “Find Your Park”

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Shoppers Love This Travel Document Holder

Getting to your airport gate is low-key one of the most stressful ordeals in existence. I don’t care if you’re an occasional vacationer or a frequent flier; no one escapes the hassle of check-in counters and security screening unscathed — even those of you with TSA PreCheck and Global Entry. 

Why? Because airport travel is still a document-heavy event, especially international travel. Passports, visas, vaccination documents — even your cell phone, if you use e-boarding passes. And don’t get me started on long lines or the nightmare known as TSA screening procedures. It’s enough to make anyone lose their cool. Organization is the key to smooth sailing through the airport, and I’ve discovered a simple solution: the Valante Premium Family Travel Document Organizer.


To buy: amazon.com, $26

This travel document organizer is a godsend whether you’re traveling solo or with a crew. It consolidates your passport holder, wallet, document file, electronics organizer and even your purse into one package that’s less than 11 inches long and six inches wide. And a wrist strap lets you keep all your important stuff on hand while also freeing your hands.

It’s easy to see why this organizer has an impressive 4.8-star rating from thousands of Amazon fans. Just look at everything it has: pouches for up to six passports, two front slots for easy access to boarding passes (no unzipping necessary) and two large pockets for documents like visas or, say, proof that your pet is actually a service dog. But those are just the travel document compartments.

This modern travel buddy also has your tech needs covered with a zippered external pocket in the back to hold your smartphone, two internal slots for SIM cards, and one slot for memory cards. But brace yourself: it’s also a wallet.


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Winter Family Travel Ideas

The greatest travel ideas for families all have a few things in common, whether they take place during the warmth of summer break or over one chilly weekend in winter after you’ve put your boat away in storage for the winter. The best family travel ideas will offer a wide array of options to accommodate all ages, interests, and personalities, and the best winter travel destinations are going to be perfect to reinvigorate the mind and body, be that through physical activity or the complete lack thereof. Let’s look at five winter family travel ideas to make the cold season more fun, adventurous and memorable for each member of your family…without breaking the bank! Also included here are three of the best winter travel destinations for families.


Snowmobiling Adventure

Looking for family adventure travel ideas that will up your heart rate this winter? Try snowmobiling! You can go big time and bundle up to snowmobile into Yellowstone National Park and see frosty faced bison, and stand before Old Faithful with the crowds, but many local trails exist to give you and your kids one of the most amazing outdoor activities to enjoy during your family’s best winter vacations.


Indoor Water Park Resort Weekend

When it comes to family travel destination ideas, it’s hard to beat indoor water park resorts in the winter. Break out the bathing suits and spend a chilly weekend in temperature-controlled waters, going down slides and splashing around with your family all weekend long!


Skiing Vacation

What’s the first thing you see when you think about the best winter vacations? Probably snow, maybe a fireplace, and likely something sporty too. A skiing vacation is one of the coolest travel ideas for families because it will offer something for everyone in your family. There’s the skiing of course,

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