• Ivana Trump died one day before flying out for her first holiday since the pandemic began, to St. Tropez in France, her best friend says
  • Nikki Haskell said she and Trump were planning a trip around the world before the latter’s death Thursday
  • Trump was “totally locked down” during the pandemic and was afraid to contracting COVID-19, according to Haskell

Ivana Trump was looking forward to a summer getaway in southern France before her sudden death Thursday, according to her best friend Nikki Haskell.

Donald Trump announced that his first wife died at the age of 73 via a statement posted on his social media app Truth Social Thursday. The former president said she passed away at her home in New York City.

The late businesswoman’s best friend told the New York Post’s Page Six Thursday that Trump was preparing for a trip to St. Tropez before she died.

“She was leaving for St. Tropez tomorrow. This was going to be her first trip away since the pandemic. She was afraid of getting the virus,” Haskell told the outlet. “She was my best friend. I met her the night she met Donald… I can’t even tell you how fabulous she was, just a great friend, and the most amazing, inspirational person.”

According to the Chicago-born socialite, Trump was “totally locked down” during the COVID-19 pandemic and “wouldn’t go anywhere.” The late mother-of-three reportedly feared contracting the virus.

“She only walked from her house, to a restuarant next door, maybe one or two restaurants around the corner. That’s it,” Haskell shared.

But just before her passing, Trump had been ready to travel abroad again.

“We were contemplating taking a trip around the world this January — take two months off and take a trip around the world. I

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