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Another day, another excuse to talk about Costco. The warehouse’s food costs have increased significantly in 2023 thanks to shortages and inflation, with staple products such as eggs, butter, maple syrup, and bacon all rising in price—much to the chagrin of Costco loyalists. Even the price of a Costco membership is going up this year. But will that stop card-carrying members from renewing? Not likely.

Despite the groans of some, the allure of buying discounted food in bulk remains too strong to pass up. And the cult-like status of many Costco foods—hello, chocolate chip ricotta cheese and ham & cheese pastries—keeps customers coming back for more.

Still, even the most diehard Costco fans know it can be tough to predict what specific foods they’ll find on any given trip to their local warehouse, with inventory changing often. Luckily, that’s where we come in. Read on for our curated list of the best frozen foods you can find at Costco right now. We’ll see you in the freezer aisle.

vegetable lo mein

Need a new dinner option? A user on Costco’s Reddit thread found a Vegetable Lo Mein from Tattooed Chef for $11.99. Per the bag’s description, the mix contains cauliflower noodles, broccoli, carrots, red bell peppers, mushrooms, and sugar snap peas, soaked in a tangy garlic and ginger sauce. Though we can’t find it on Costco’s website, that’s fairly common—see if you can spot it at your local store.

kirkland signature organic broccoli florets

You already know the beauty of Costco is that you can buy everything in bulk—even broccoli. The internet is gobbling up frozen Kirkland Signature Organic Broccoli

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