David Chang is many things: chef, restaurateur, TV personality, podcaster, purveyor of packaged chili oil and noodles. Now, he’s a Costco shopper, too.

The famous chef confessed his newfound membership to the popular warehouse club during this week’s episode of his podcast, chang-goes-to-costco-and-unraveling-the-truffle-conundrum”The Dave Chang Show. After only a few visits, he already has a lot of opinions.

“It’s a little bit like Castle Anthrax,” Chang said of Costco, referring to the ridiculous house of temptation from the 1975 comedy Monty Python and the Holy Grail. “You got to have an idea, and once you hit it, you gotta go…because the next thing you know, I got a fucking 60-inch [TV].”

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Chang is a big fan of Costco’s prime meats, especially the prices. “I bought a brisket for $49,” he noted. “There should be a 1it should be a $149. If you bought that at Whole Foods, it would be 150 bucks.”

He also made good use of Costco’s “giant tub” of peeled garlic, puréeing and freezing most of it before the bulk buy goes bad. “I pulled my first real Korean mom move of my life,” he said. “Shout-out to my late mom…All Korean moms do this.”

On the flip side, Chang is not a fan of the warehouse club‘s lack of shopping bags. “That’s the equivalent of going to a restaurant with no silverware,” he said. And he sounded skittish about bulk buying in general, describing his contemplation about buying 100 slices of American cheese as a matter of product shelf life versus available refrigerator space: “I sat there in front of the refrigerator door looking at it, to the point where I was looking

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