Help protect yourself — and your information — online while travelling.

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Summer’s here and so is your vacation! But hackers and identity thieves don’t take time off just because you do, so it’s important to pack some cyber-safety smarts along with your holiday gear to help protect your information and identity while you’re OOO.

Pre-departure prep

Before you leave, update your device’s operating system, apps and anti-virus software. Set a passcode or biometric scan (e.g., fingerprint ID) to unlock your device, which prevents thieves from accessing its data if it’s lost or stolen.

Watch out on public Wi-Fi

It’s tempting to use free, public Wi-Fi at an airport, coffee shop, theme park or shopping mall, but these networks are easily hacked, and any information you enter on your device can be intercepted. When using public Wi-Fi, make sure to use a secure VPN so you can shop, bank and chat safely on a private connection.

Check your surroundings

Use your own charger or computer to power up your device — free public charging stations can contain malicious software that’s automatically downloaded to your device when you connect. And always be aware of your surroundings to make sure no one is sneaking a peek at your logins, passwords or other info.

It’s a good idea to disable your device’s automatic Bluetooth-networking function when you’re travelling, so no one can automatically connect with your device, particularly in hotel rooms or rental homes. Likewise, pairing your device with your Bluetooth-enabled rental car can be risky: your personal information is then stored on the car’s system. If you do pair them, remember to delete all your data from the car’s system before returning it.

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