Are you thinking about getting away but staying in the city? Staycations are the perfect option for those looking for a shorter getaway without the hassles of leaving the city. Even if you can only spend one night at a hotel, a staycation is a perfect excuse to enjoy the hotel amenities, like the spa or pool, and spend some time away from home. Here are some of our favourite hotels to plan your next staycation in Toronto.

Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

Did you know that the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel has a heated pool that is open all year? On top of the hotel being stacked with amenities, the property is perfectly situated within walking distance from the Eaton Centre, Rogers Centre and other downtown attractions located directly across from Nathan Philips Square. The hotel’s new restaurant and. bar, 43 Down and Dual Citizen, offer a variety of dining options to suit the on-the-go travellers as well as the sightseer who is looking for somewhere to unwind.

The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto

A visit to the Spa myBlend at The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto is worth reserving a staycation at this hotel alone. The 23,000-square-foot sanctuary spa has personalized treatments (you’ll want to try their Essential Touch facial!) as well as water and thermal therapies that you can enjoy during your visit before returning to your luxurious room to unwind.

The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto

Hotel X Toronto

Hotel X Toronto is a lakeside escape with delicious restaurants, wellness and fitness experiences and a rooftop pool open year-round. This resort-style hotel was designed so that if you want to stay on the property for your entire staycation, you’ll have plenty to do and explore.

The Chelsea Hotel

If you’re booking your staycation at The Chelsea Hotel, you’ll want to pack your bathing suit. The

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