Traveling with kids can be complicated. And while there are many tools these days to ease the complexities (and general discomfort) of family travel, item No. 1 is the modern travel stroller. The best travel strollers lighten the family’s load whether you’re packing for a trip or running out the door on errands. These strollers are compact enough to squeeze into an overhead bin with carry-on luggage and often narrow enough to stroll down the plane’s aisles or to navigate a crowded street. Many fold with one hand or nearly on their own, such as the Nuna TRVL stroller, which is my top pick for the best travel strollers.

Other travel strollers have infant car seats built into them or possess seamless click-in capabilities, meaning there’s no need to rent a seat when you arrive at your destination. The best travel strollers weigh less than 15 pounds, removing additional friction out of your travel as they’re easier to hoist in and out of vehicles.

“Even when you travel with another adult who can help, traveling [with children] always feels hectic,” says Chelsea Stivers, mom, postpartum and motherhood expert and founder of The Balance After Baby. “I need something lightweight that can fold up in one or two quick motions. You don’t realize how often you have to do this when traveling, but it’s a lifesaver.”

As a parent and parenting writer, I’ve researched and tested the latest strollers, noting how much each weighed and how easily it folded, as well as interviewed parents and other experts to find the best travel strollers, no matter your needs. After you’ve finished reading about the best travel strollers, you may want to consider reviewing our additional

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