Michael Gligic had been looking forward to the RBC Canadian Open with great anticipation.

Like virtually every Canadian on the PGA Tour the Burlington native considered it one of his “majors.”

That excitement was heightened by the fact that the tournament hadn’t been held the previous two years because of COVID-19.

And the fact that it was being held at St. George’s Golf and Country Club in Toronto meant that many of the Burlington native’s friends and family could come and see him play. He had even arranged for 50 tickets a day and some of his family were even flying in.

That changed on Thursday morning, the day of the first round when Gligic received word that one of his best friends, Ryan Corbin, who is also his swing coach had died suddenly the night before at his home in Florida.

“I was just getting on the shuttle to take us to the range when I received a text from Ryan’s father that said he needed to talk to me right away,” explained Gligic. “I thought it was a little strange because Ryan’s father never texts me.”

The news was earth shattering for Gligic and he admits that he and Corbin’s father shared a lot of tears on the phone.

“I wasn’t going to play. I didn’t want to play. I couldn’t really keep it together but the last thing he said to me was, ‘Go win this thing for Ryan,’” said Gligic.

“I tried to play but I was bawling on the golf course. It was a very tough situation. All eyes are on you on the golf course and I didn’t want to be there. I decided to pull the plug after nine.”

In the weeks since it happened. Gligic has been able to reflect on

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