Buying wholesale or bulk groceries is a good way to save money on those receipts over the course of the year, provided you have the storage space in your home for a little bit of casual stockpiling. We previously examined the potential size of those savings when we broke down if Costco is really cheaper than a grocery store (spoiler alert, it was — majorly).

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Costco, as well as other wholesale retailers such as Sam’s Club and BJ’s, offer tremendous savings on groceries and other household staples when purchased in bulk. However, there’s a price for admission and basic membership fees range between $50 and $60 annually depending on your retailer of choice. If you’re already a convert to the ways of wholesale grocery shopping, here we take a look at the potential benefit of upgrading your basic Costco Gold Membership to its Executive Membership level. We also calculated how much you would need to spend per month to make the Executive Membership worth it. 

Previously we tallied up which food delivery app is cheapest and how much you’ll save shopping at Trader Joe’s versus a typical grocery store. In this latest installment of We Do the Math, find out if Costco’s Executive Membership is really worth it.

Costco Membership Options

Costco offers three levels of membership: Gold Star, Business, and Executive. Business Membership only applies to — you guessed it — businesses, so here we will concern ourselves with the Gold Star and Executive Membership tiers. 

Costo Gold Star Membership

Costco Gold Star membership costs $60 per year and is the minimum cost for access to any Costco store worldwide. In our previous post breaking down Costco prices versus a traditional supermarket, we calculated about $1,000 in savings annually for a household of two for

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