Serial vacationer and mom of three, Marie Field-Faith, shares the hidden gems she has discovered for families to enjoy.

This story by Marie Field Faith first came out in Modern Parenting’s 2022 print edition.

Adulting and parenting can get so overwhelming at times. So as often as I can, I try to take my family away from the city for a vacation and drive away to a new destination to discover. What started as short road trips to well-known hotels and resorts out of town evolved into finding other hidden places offering different kinds of experiences.

From staying in a luxury mountain cabin to glamping in an Airstream to tubing in a rushing river to camping near a fish pond, we seemed to have explored quite a bit already. But as I have discovered while discovering (ha!), there are more and more places coming up in the staycation arena that vacationing near the Metro has become even easier! The hard part is to find these gems as often they don’t advertise like hotels and resorts. It is almost often by luck that you stumble upon a good find.

Sharing these finds have given us so much joy, especially during the pandemic when all of us craved so much to get away from our house arrests and explore the world once again. Traveling by car, I find, is easier for our family as we could do it more often and works well with our schedule. At the same time, these local places also benefit from getting some help in getting discovered, they are able to hire back more of their local workforce, bounce back into stable operations again and bring back life into our local tourism. It is a win-win!

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