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New initiatives, review underway at YVR after chaotic holiday season travel

This past holiday season, travellers at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) experienced a bunch of travel disruptions, including delayed and cancelled flights due to the weather.

In response to the chaos, the airport is launching a series of initiatives to make operations smoother.

Tamara Vrooman, president and CEO at Vancouver Airport Authority, issued a statement on Thursday outlining these measures.

“We recognize that this past holiday season was tough on travellers, their friends, and families,” Vrooman admitted.

“We have seen that the systems and processes our airport community has relied on for decades must be improved given the realities our industry has experienced post-pandemic along with increasing climate-related weather events.”

Initial measures have been taken to avoid what happened during the 2022 holiday season. YVR says this includes bettering communication and coordination with airlines around gating, towing, and communication with passengers.

But most importantly, an enhanced after-action review is in order and will include feedback from airlines, partners, employees, and suppliers. It starts next week.

Leading accounting firm KPMG and global aviation planning and advisory firm Arup will also help out in this review to ensure

“These initiatives and learnings will inform continued improvements at YVR and allow the airport to work across the aviation ecosystem to enhance the overall travel experience for passengers,” Vrooman reassured.

She also praised the nearly 26,000 employees at YVR for being “resilient, creative, and empathetic” throughout the aviation industry’s slow recovery from the pandemic.

Further information will be available soon on YVR.ca.

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Nepal plane crash: Domestic flights remain ‘most efficient’ mode of transport, despite risks


Those who do opt for domestic flights tend to be aware of the risks involved. 

“Even though Nepal has a history of air disasters, they don’t happen all the time,” said Mr Waldron.

“But, wherever you fly, especially in some of these more developing markets (like) Nepal and maybe Africa, you just have to be aware that there’s great beauty and adventure to be had. But this is also going to come with certain potential risks.”

He advised travellers to “look very carefully” at an airline’s records before booking a flight. 

Reports often state that the Himalayan nation’s treacherous terrain and capricious weather conditions, together with its tricky airport runways, can challenge even accomplished pilots. 

“You’re contending with extremely rough terrain. The weather can be extremely challenging up there as well with very difficult, strong wind conditions. You could take off from one airport and the weather is fine at your destination, but then when you arrive, the weather could have changed quite radically,” explained Mr Waldron.

At the moment, flying in Nepal also requires pilots to take “very tight approaches into small airports” and navigate “short runways”, added Mr Michael Boyd, president and CEO of Boyd Group International.

“If something goes wrong with an airplane (in Nepal), there are not a lot of places to go. You don’t have alternative airports. It’s a mountainside,” he noted. 

Mr Boyd, who also spoke on CNA’s Asia First programme on Monday, said that a great deal of concern “has to do with the topography of Nepal, not so much whether their air transportation system is less or more safe than anywhere else”. 

“I won’t call it dangerous but (it is) a lot more vulnerable to accidents than other places in the world.” 

Nonetheless, knowing these threats, “there

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Lost and pilfered luggage ‘takes the shine off’ special family vacation

Airline passengers have been through the mill in 2022, with airports in chaos during the summer, and pre-Christmas snowstorms cancelling multiple flights in December.

But you don’t have to be stranded for days in a foreign airport to feel that the travel industry has treated you badly. Even lost luggage and unresponsive officials can take the joy out of a vacation that’s been long anticipated and saved up for.

Take the experience of P. Jane Jewson, a Waterloo woman who went on a trip to Cancun with her family, only to have her luggage lost, no ability to communicate with the airline, and — once the luggage was found — personal items missing.

A representative from WestJet said the company “sincerely apologize for the impact this caused” to Jewson.

Jewson had planned a week-long family trip to a luxury resort in Cancun, Mexico, to celebrate the birthday of her husband, Tim. The couple travelled over the Christmas holidays with their three children, their partners, and two-year-old grandchild.

Jewson flew out on a WestJet flight from Pearson International Airport in Toronto on Christmas Day. In her checked luggage she’d stashed some T shirts she’d had specially made for a family photo. They said “Team Tim.”

But when they arrived at Cancun, Jewson’s suitcase was not there. Dozens of other passengers were in the same situation, and she reported it at the airport.

“They said they would email us, our luggage would be coming the next day and it would get delivered to the resort,” Jewson said.

But the promised emails and luggage deliveries never came.

Jewson spent hours each day on the phone at her hotel, fruitlessly trying to reach WestJet. She would wait on hold at the number she had been given. After about 30 minutes, she would be

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Planning A Trip To Europe? Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Must Think Twice Before You Begin Your Journey

Europe has always been a dreamy destination for everyone. Right from the pristine views of the lakes to tranquil sites, Europe has it all. However, one must think twice before travelling to Europe this summer. Europe is going through a lot – starting right from the covid-19 pandemic to the ongoing Russia and Ukraine war. Nature too is not at its best. With heatwaves and wildfires pulling Europe apart, it is better to stay out of Europe for the time being.

  • Heatwaves And Wildfires Are Becoming More Common

As per media reports, the UK has announced its first-ever red warning for extreme heat. NASA reports that in June and July, the temperature has increased to 104 degrees Fahrenheit in regions like Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. There is various news of different regions creating new records of heat. Due to this, several regions of Europe have also faced the brunt of nature’s wrath. Leiria Town in Portugal faced 113 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees Celsius). This led to wildfires in different regions like France, Spain, Portugal and Greece. As per media reports, Italy faced the collapse of a glacier which was caused due to warm temperatures.

In London, the runway at Luton airport melted due to which, several flights were rescheduled. Even the doctors have cancelled surgeries because of overheated operating rooms. In France, people from Gironde in Southwest France were rescued due to the burning region. Paris and Cazaux have faced an equal amount of increase in degrees too. From Spain and Portugal, several have been rescued and places evacuated due to the increase in heatwaves.

  • Dire Condition Of London Airport

A lot is going on in London’s Heathrow airport. Due to labour shortages, there have been a lot of delays, cancellations,

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