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PLAY airline bringing low-cost travel from Hamilton to Europe starting today

Iceland-based airline PLAY has announced its first Canadian route with cheap flights to Europe.

Starting on Jan. 19, the low-cost airline will be offering tickets to 26 European cities for as little as $169 CAD. Service will begin June 23, with daily flights from Hamilton International Airport to Europe, with a layover in Reykjavik, Iceland. 

 “We’re proud to expand PLAY service to Canada with service in Hamilton, offering both Canadian and European travelers a new way to reach iconic destinations.” CEO of PLAY, Birgir Jónsson, said in aplay-increases-its-reach-in-north-america”press release issued Tuesday.

PLAY will offer flights to various European cities, such as London, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin Stockholm, and more. 

The airline, which was founded in 2019, is celebrating its landing in Canada by offering tickets as low as $169 to 13 European cities, and $129 for flights to Iceland for those who book flights starting today and before Jan 31, 2023. This deal is valid for those booking a roundtrip between August and October 2023. 

Hamilton will become the airline’s fifth North American route, as it already flies to New York, Boston, Baltimore, and Washington D.C.

Ticket prices include mandatory taxes and fees. Individuals will be allowed to bring one personal item with them. 

Additional charges for things such as carry-on luggage can be expected, while wi-fi and in-flight entertainment are not offered on flights. More information can be found on the PLAY website. 

PLAY is an airline that goes off the pay-for-what-you-need model. Passengers can choose specific upgrades at an additional charge such as an in-flight meal, seat upgrades, checked baggage, and more.  

“Travellers around the world are hungry to venture to new destinations and recent data shows that 73 percent of global travellers want vacations outside of their comfort zone,” Jónsson said.

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Family waits for compensation for 2 separate air travel headaches

Air travel has not been kind to one Ottawa woman who is struggling to get financial compensation for cancelled flights that happened not once, but twice in the past year.

“I can’t trust the airlines anymore,” said Tala Hamdan.

Hundreds of air passengers were stranded over the holiday season after airlines cancelled or delayed flights, largely due to a major storm that hit much of Canada around Christmas.

These new complaints add to the backlog of people seeking compensation for similar experiences, with the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) saying it has 33,000 complaints on its hands as of Jan. 4. 

Hamdan’s first complaint centres around when she and her brother were returning from a trip to Belgium in June 2022. Due to a delay, the two missed their connecting flight between Montreal and Ottawa.

They were told by Air Canada they could catch a flight the next morning but a bus may be faster, which they did six hours later out of pocket.

After trying to contact Air Canada several times, and speaking to a representative over the phone, she says all she has are unanswered emails to the company’s claims department.

“They gave me a discount code, which thank you, but I want my money back, right? Like I was out a flight, and I was out money for the bus tickets,” she said.

Sunwing flight delays

While she thought that was the end of her 2022 air travel ordeals, the holiday storm arrived to add another chapter.

A “nightmare” for her family began on Dec. 26, according to her father Mohammad Hamdan. 

Tala and Mohammad Hamdan pictured in a video interview on Jan. 9, 2023.
‘We were left in the dark. We were left in the cold,’ says Mohammad, left, pictured here with his daughter Tala. (CBC)

After their Sunwing flight home from Mexico was delayed several times, they arrived at

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Advice for people booking vacations

With winter’s chill set in, it seems many Maritimers are thinking of jetting away to warmer climes.

“Right now, we are seeing some flights come on to the schedule there are some actually this week starting to go to the Caribbean,” says Leah Batstone of the Halifax International Airport Authority.

Daniel Hayter of online travel site CheapOAir.ca says he’s seeing many clients book vacations in the United States as well.

“Miami, very popular, Orlando, very popular, so Florida is very popular,” says Hayter.

But travel woes have been making plenty of headlines, with flights south of the border grounded by computer glitches at the FAA on Wednesday, and a holiday travel season rife with air travel troubles.

Travel experts say there are ways to prepare and plan to prevent the worst.

“For everybody heading to sunny destinations, now is a key time to ask some questions about preparation,” says Stephen Olmstead of CAA Atlantic.

Olmstead says that means talking with a travel advisor about getting insurance coverage, not just for trip interruption and cancellation, but for any health emergencies as well. He says it’s important to understand your coverage, so you know what’s included and what’s not.

“Have somebody walk you through those details,” says Olmstead. “So that they can fill in some of the blanks, some of the questions you might have.”

“Lots of airlines are still offering fares which allow the traveler to make changes,” adds Hayter. “You need to be careful and you need to really read the exact details of the type of flight that’s included.”

Hayter also recommends booking flights early in the day before any delays start to pile up.

“So if you can travel early in the morning, there’s a far

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