Getting to your airport gate is low-key one of the most stressful ordeals in existence. I don’t care if you’re an occasional vacationer or a frequent flier; no one escapes the hassle of check-in counters and security screening unscathed — even those of you with TSA PreCheck and Global Entry. 

Why? Because airport travel is still a document-heavy event, especially international travel. Passports, visas, vaccination documents — even your cell phone, if you use e-boarding passes. And don’t get me started on long lines or the nightmare known as TSA screening procedures. It’s enough to make anyone lose their cool. Organization is the key to smooth sailing through the airport, and I’ve discovered a simple solution: the Valante Premium Family Travel Document Organizer.


To buy:, $26

This travel document organizer is a godsend whether you’re traveling solo or with a crew. It consolidates your passport holder, wallet, document file, electronics organizer and even your purse into one package that’s less than 11 inches long and six inches wide. And a wrist strap lets you keep all your important stuff on hand while also freeing your hands.

It’s easy to see why this organizer has an impressive 4.8-star rating from thousands of Amazon fans. Just look at everything it has: pouches for up to six passports, two front slots for easy access to boarding passes (no unzipping necessary) and two large pockets for documents like visas or, say, proof that your pet is actually a service dog. But those are just the travel document compartments.

This modern travel buddy also has your tech needs covered with a zippered external pocket in the back to hold your smartphone, two internal slots for SIM cards, and one slot for memory cards. But brace yourself: it’s also a wallet.

Yep, the Valante Premium Family Travel Document Organizer also has two zippered pockets for cash — so you can separate your dollars from your pesos — plus a zippered coin purse and four slots for credit cards. And I swear it’s just showing off at this point: it also has a pen holder (the most elusive travel necessity on Earth, a pen is somehow never there when you need one) and a hook for the keys to your hotel, rental car, or luggage lock. This organizer renders even the pockets of your pants unnecessary. Brilliant. Now you can wear your leggings or sweats in peace.


To buy:, $26

Of course, keeping all your “eggs in one basket,” so to speak, means the travel organizer you choose should have safety features built-in, and the Valante Premium Family Travel Document Organizer does. First of all, it’s completely water-resistant so your paper documents will stay dry, and it has tight linings to keep everything locked in place. But perhaps most importantly, it has built-in RFID protection, meaning it’s impossible for thieves to scan your cards and documents while you’re distracted.

If you’re a nervous traveler like me — or a self-proclaimed “organizational freak” like this reviewer — the Valante Premium Family Travel Document Organizer also prevents headaches, anxiety, and lost items (absent-minded travelers, take note!). It’s hard to put a price tag on your own peace of mind, but if you had to, I’d say $26 is more than fair. And more than 2,800 five-star Amazon reviewers agree.

“Just got back from a 15-day cruise through the Panama Canal. This little beauty was awesome. It kept vaccination cards, passports, credit cards all in one secure and easy to find place. Going through TSA was a breeze too! Excellent!” wrote a fan.

“This passport holder was just what the doctor ordered,” another customer raved. “Traveling as a family [of] six, it was difficult to keep up with everyone’s documents. This passport holder not only kept me organized but it allowed me to keep it around my wrist for safe keeping.”


To buy:, $26

Even if you travel solo or as a couple, the Valante Premium Family Travel Document Organizer is ideal. It’s really a unicorn, because it’s rugged and durable but manages to be lightweight, and Amazon reviewers agree. But it’s also like the clown car of organizers because it can hold so much and still have room to spare. “Passports are a lot thicker than one would expect, and after having all six in it there still seems to be more room for other things,” as one shopper pointed out

Get it for yourself, gift it to someone, do whatever you need to do, but make sure you add the Valante Premium Family Travel Document Organizer to your permanent packing list (or someone else’s). Becoming an ultra-organized traveler is the true game-changer. 

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