Can you use EBT at the Sam’s Club bakery?

Yes. Sam’s Club members can use SNAP cards to purchase in-store items, including baked goods. 

Can you use EBT at Costco’s bakery?

Yes. All Costco warehouses accept EBT, which you can use to buy items from the bakery.

What time do Costco and Sam’s Club bakeries open?

Members can visit the bakery whenever the store is open, though some items — like Costco’s sheet cake — must be ordered in advance. There may be slight variations in hours between warehouses, so check your nearest location for precise opening and closing times. 

Sam’s Club versus Costco: Who has the better bakery?

It’s a toss-up. While Costco sells a lovely flaky croissant and has a superior selection, Sam’s Club has better muffins and matches its rivals’ prices. Shop wherever you already have a membership.

What other items do the bakeries sell?

Other popular Costco bakery items include its sheet cake, apple pie, and chocolate mousse cake, all of which receive plaudits online. While Sam’s Club has less of a devoted following on sites like Reddit, the wholesaler’s white and chocolate cupcakes, assorted cookie tray, and apple lattice pie are top sellers. Given the sheer volume of baked goods we needed to try, fans will have to wait for a Costco vs. Sam’s Club apple pie story.

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